The Liberated Woman
An Argument for Pleasure

An Argument for Pleasure

April 27, 2022

Pleasure vs. Gratification. One is an addiction. Pleasure is not. It's an experience.

Pleasure will pull humanity out of our suffering, and this episode tells you why.

I am in a deep, cocoon-y, womb space, and this is me popping my head up to say, "Hey. . . I'm still here. . . but I'm still IN here, too."

Please let this episode give you the permission you've been seeking to pause, rest, relax, enjoy.

Life is meant to be easy and fun. 

There will be A LOT more where this is coming from. If you want to hang out with me even as I'm in the womb space, then start YOUR Journey with Pleasure today: 

See You Next Time!

The Secret to Drama Free Relationships: Own Your ”No” with Jared Niemela

The Secret to Drama Free Relationships: Own Your ”No” with Jared Niemela

February 8, 2022

Want to know the secret to healthy relationships free of drama? Jared Niemela has it and we're sharing it with you!

In this episode of The Boundless Heart Podcast, he shares exercises for tuning in to your 4 wisdom centers: Mind, Heart, Gut, and Sex, to discern whether your response to any request is a yes, no, or kinda maybe.

He also shares what to do in those "kinda maybe" situations.

2:00 - Why is it so hard to know if it's a "yes" or a "no"?

3:52 - How do you know what center of wisdom to follow?

6:36 - Exercise for feeling your Full Body No

9:15 - LC's "No" example & result of not listening, & Jared's "No" example & result of listening

12:39 - Your "No" is where your strength is

14:49 - The other side of "No" - do you resist/challenge it?

17:44 - A Note on Integrity and the Elimination of Drama

19:10 - Exercise for feeling your Whole Body Yes

21:31 - LC's "Yes" - Maui 23:14 - Jared's "Yes" & conflicts between wisdom centers

24:53 - Clarifying the "sex" center: it's not about sex

27:34 - Mention: Episode 11 with Coco Berlin "Pussy Yoga"

28:36 - What to do if you feel "Kinda, Maybe..." and Episode 6 with Tena Roethle, "Set, Communicate, and Keep Boundaries"

33:22 - Repeating lessons to learn them

34:39 - Creating Equal Partnerships

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This week all Premium Members get separate tracks of the Whole Body Yes & Whole Body No exercises given by Jared in the episode for ease of use!

About My Guest:

Jared is an avid explorer of the world. He is committed to experiencing all that the universe has to offer and sharing his lessons with those who are curious. Jared is passionate about deliberate communication, embracing "failure," and cultivating pleasure in all aspects of life.

Jared is a father to three daughters, an online teacher, and a facilitator of in-person workshops that focus on sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, and connecting to our inner divine.

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You can also connect to Jared through his YouTube Channel & Website for mushroom cultivation:



Fulfill Your Needs, Enjoy Your Desires

Fulfill Your Needs, Enjoy Your Desires

February 1, 2022

Too often we try to fulfill genuine needs with desires. When all needs are met, you no longer reach or grasp for desires, instead, you enjoy them.

Listen to learn how to fulfill your needs so you can choose how to enjoy your desires!

A giant THANK YOU to the members of the VIP Community at Premium Pleasure Coaching Membership. You can join the revolution here: 

[1:16] A mother's lesson - need vs want - and how it's relevant today

  • Need: essential
  • Want: lacking something you think would fulfill you in some way (Episode 28 
  • Both needs and wants are subjective

[2:48] Cake example. 
Episodes referenced:

[5:10] Desire is there for your pleasure

[5:55] How to get Home within yourself

  • art
  • nature
  • friends
  • sex
  • self-pleasure
  • food
  • exercise
  • letting someone else do the chores
  • letting someone do something for you
  • rest
  • stopping self-judgment (episode 25 again:
  • music
  • dancing
  • so many more things!!!

[8:19] Being in pleasure puts you in your body, and when you're in your body, you can tell where your needs are being met and where they're not - and from Home you can choose how t to fulfill your needs

[9:50] Everything is energy. "It's not the person you want, it's the way you feel when you're with them."

[10:35] Prioritize desires as points of pleasure. Speaking desires without charge is freedom.

[12:12] My desire for you: to be free.

Attract Your Equal Partner

Attract Your Equal Partner

January 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it takes to feel free in your relationship?

Have you ever wondered if feeling free in your relationship was even possible?

I've been through enough "unequal partnerships" to know that I'm no longer willing to settle for that, and you don't have to settle for it either.

In this episode, you'll learn how to attract an equal partner. There are only two steps: Be in your own Integrity, and act in Congruence with your Integrity. 

BOOM! It's like magic, but it's actually just the way the law of attraction works.

This episode is brought to you, literally, by the members of The Boundless Heart Premium Pleasure Coaching sisterhood. Join us today for $27!

[1:48] The most incredible conversation & awareness among sisters

[2:46] Displaced Integrity and Equal Partnership

[3:59] Out of integrity - the puzzle metaphor

[5:10] Getting into integrity - how you know when you're there

  1. You feel as though all your needs are met
  2. You're not grasping or reaching to get needs met
  3. You feel confident
  4. You speak your truth - eventually without charge
  5. You uphold your boundaries
  6. You respect others' boundaries

[10:06] Boundaries Tangent - Boundaries as "Moat"

[13:27] Congruency - the missing link

[14:14] How to act in congruence with integrity

[14:36] Episodes to listen to next: #18: Deshaming and Claiming Pleasure and #25: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Feel Amazing Now

[16:24] How the Law of Attraction actually works

[16:46] Equal Partnership vs. "Old School" Relationship

[19:26] Freedom in Love: my wish for you

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Me Ke Aloha & A Hui Hou🌈


Growing through Divorce: LC’s Journey - with Juniper Wong

Growing through Divorce: LC’s Journey - with Juniper Wong

January 18, 2022

Life is a string of lessons, and divorce can be a really big one. Even since the last time I interviewed Juniper (Episode 14 - I have changed so much.

From codependency, idealizing romance, anxious attachment, and neediness, to experiencing life as it happens and totally new approaches to relationships. This episode reveals my major people-pleasing problem when I got married and how much I've grown through the lessons I've learned with this most recent divorce. 

If you're a Premium Pleasure Coaching member, you even get to hear the juicy details of my current dating situation. Speaking of... This podcast is supported by members of The Boundless Heart VIP Community and the Premium Membership with Pleasure Coaching. Thank you all sooo much! Join us here: 

[1:43] The major shift after divorce

[2:54] What was the issue? My own codependency revealed

[6:51] Where did the choice to commit come from? Idealizing potential and deep people-pleasing programming

[9:58] LC totally going against her truth - proposal & marriage

[13:18] All goes back to Fear - of making someone unhappy - and self-blame

[15:22] The final straw 

[18:00] Transformation support sisterhood:

Learn more about Juniper at and join her 10 week program to move into a security for present and future relationships.

Connect with LC - DM for 1:1 coaching and Rune Awakening readings

All episodes: 


Creating Secure Relationships with Juniper Wong

Creating Secure Relationships with Juniper Wong

January 11, 2022

Do you ever wish relationships didn't have to be so much work? Believe it or not, they don't. Juniper Wong is here to help us create secure relationships by learning to have a healthy relationship with our own anxiety and fear. This allows us to see relationships for what they truly are, and assess whether or not the relationship is right for us.

This podcast is supported by the Boundless Heart Premium Membership. Thank you so much! Want to be a part of the community?

[1:42] 4 Attachment Styles review

[5:32] The power of feminine energy to attract

[6:53] Foundational aspect of becoming secure: heal your relationship with fear and anxiety

[10:59] Why relationship with yourself is MOST important and why women needn't EVER chase

[14:50] Sings of insecure attachment

[15:34] Solution to anxiety

[20:48] Tip: stop telling stories about what's happening

[21:51] Sexuality & Flirtation

[25:15] Body Image Shift

[27:00] Reprogramming trauma around safety

[30:50] Brain physiology as it relates to time-space continuum

[38:53] LC's lessons and challenge for you:where are you receiving/accepting love?

About Juniper Wong

Juniper Wong is a licensed clinical social worker and former high school English teacher who brings an eclectic approach of personal lived experience, creative arts, evidence based mental health practices, practical actionable skills, and humor to her therapy & coaching practices.

Connect with Juniper Sign up for our free webinar!

Tiktok: @juniperwong (sorry, I'm not on TIkTok and I don't know how to link it)

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Stop Beating Yourself Up and Feel Amazing Now

Stop Beating Yourself Up and Feel Amazing Now

January 4, 2022

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem." -Captain Jack Sparrow

Beating yourself up is a waste of energy. Let's stop doing it. Use this simple yet deep exercise to excavate the source of your self-loathing so you can free yourself from it.

I want you to enjoy the cake, the wine, the shopping, the sex - and stop judging yourself for living life.

Whenever you start beating up on yourself, use The Four Facts exercise, taught to me by my beloved, late Great Aunt Jeanne. She's smiling with us, I can feel it.

For the worksheet, join The Boundless Heart Premium: 

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Packages and 1-time sessions available.

Until next time, Eat the Cake, Drink the Wine, Buy the Thing, Have the Sex, and don't give up on your life. Your dreams give hope and offer light.

Reprogramming Subconscious Shadows with LC Christine

Reprogramming Subconscious Shadows with LC Christine

December 28, 2021

Shadow work has become all the rage. That's good - but let's bring it into the light. Your Shadows aren't bad! They're just trying to get your attention.

In this episode of The Boundless Heart - supported by members of TBH Premium - to join us - you will:

  • Learn what your Shadows really are
  • Understand what it takes to make lasting changes
  • Experience a meditation for subconscious reprogramming

This is a special Holiday episode in that I have taken the bulk of it from a summit I ran last year. It was a very well-received presentation and I hope you enjoy it, too!

May your New Year be filled with so much pleasure it can do nothing but ooze out of you!

**Special Announcement** through the end of 2021 (yes, it's past if you're reading this in January or anytime later in 2022 or beyond) the TBH Premium Membership with Pleasure Coaching is $7/month and LOCKED IN as long as you're a member! Come January 1st, 2022, the Premium Membership with Pleasure Coaching is $69 - still an epic deal. 

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How to Take Compliments Like A Queen

How to Take Compliments Like A Queen

December 21, 2021

It's the Holidays and the best gift you can give is to RECEIVE compliments! 

Saying "Thank you" is the small first step. Step two is to validate the giver.

Oh my goodness!!! Listen to this SHORT episode and start increasing your confidence and improving your relationships (because who doens't like to be validated?) today!

This podcast is supported by members of The Boundless Heart PremiumAnyone (male, female, non-binary) can join the Inner Circle for extra bonuses and a private Facebook group while helping me continue to create this podcast.

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How Do I Know If I Stay or Go? with Elisabeth Parsons

How Do I Know If I Stay or Go? with Elisabeth Parsons

December 14, 2021

Ever have trouble deciding whether or not, or how, to end a relationship? How do you even make that choice? Too often, we tend to neglect what's best for us to keep a relationship going.

This episode is supported by the powerful women of the Inner Circle: - join today to step full on into your pleasure and purpose. No need to grasp for the life you want. When you let it come to you, it does!

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What to ask yourself if you're feeling unfulfilled in your relationship
  • How to ensure you attract a healthy relationship, or make yours healthier
  • How to "train" your partner
  • That you are anything but alone, no matter what you're going through

[1:47] Elisabeth's advice for women conteplating divorce/separation

[3:37] The positive effect of being truthful

[6:39] The importance of community

[11:46] How to make the "stay or go" decision easier

[20:02] Personal stories of your host, LC, and guest, Elisabeth

[22:57] A woman's real purpose is taking PLEASURE

[23:26] True giving comes from pleasure - otherwise the result is resentment

[27:02] How to "train" your partner instead of becoming "mother"

[32:14] When you're shut down...

[34:33] The most important question to ask yourself when contemplating separation or divorce

About my Guest, Elisabeth Parsons:

Elisabeth Parsons is the owner and founder of The Separation Club. She compassionately guides women on a journey of healing, self-discovery and transformation. Using her own divorce journey as a blueprint she has created resources that provide her clients with the tools they need. 
Elisabeth is a mother, second wife, step-mom, self-care coach, writer and unshakeable optimist dedicated to guiding women towards their true potential empowering them to create the life they deserve.

Connect with Elisabeth:

IG @theseparationclub: 

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